len sona pipi / spiderweb

toki pona:  waso li uta e linja.  english: a california scrub jay holding a red ribbon in its mouth

o kama pona! mi (kulupu/soweli/tonsi) Eki. mi pali e musi. mi sijelo ante. mi lon ma tomo Sijata. ma ni li lanpan ike tan kulupu Tutuwa (kulupu Jan Insa). ni li ike. sina ken pana e mani tawa ona lon ni.

~ ~ ~

i’m spiders (they/them), a nonbinary autistic artist. i live in seattle, which was built on stolen Dxʷdəwʔabš (Duwamish) land. this theft is wrong. you can donate money to the Duwamish people here.

musi kalama / music

kalama musi mi li lon lipu Pankan mi. lipu Tanpa mi li lape.

~ ~ ~

my music is on bandcamp. i have a tumblr too but its inactive anymore.

my other musical projects include a cheat sheet for learning chromatic solfège and musical intervals, as well as guitar tabs and sheet music for “a rebuilding year”, by griffin mcelroy.

sona moku / recipies

sina ken kama sona moku lon tomo moku.

~ ~ ~

you can find some recipes at the witchin’ kitchen.

toki / blog posts

list of blog posts:


thank you so much to my partner iliana (linuxwit.ch) for helping me with the css on this website.

scrub jay art by g pike