spiders & birds

a california scrub jay holding a red ribbon in its mouth, facing left

welcome to the internet home of colleen lenin quine (she/her or they/them), a autistic communist trans dyke. scrub jay art by g pike


check out my music on my bandcamp. i also made a cheat sheet for learning chromatic solfège and musical intervals. happen to adore the song “A Rebuilding Year” by Griffin McElroy from TAZ: Balance? lucky for you, i’ve transcribed it as sheet music AND tablature here!

wildlife photography

i like to take pictures of spiders and bugs! you can see my latest observations here


i designed a sticker! it says “party girl ☭” on it and you can get one for free at stickers.wob.app


i enjoy cooking quite a bit. if you are interested in seeing what kind of stuff i make, step right in to the witchin’ kitchen. everything is vegetarian!

pay me

i have a ko-fi if you think my continued existence and aspirations of self-reliance is worth supporting

blog posts

sometimes i make blog posts! heres ALL of them


thank you so much to my partner iliana (linuxwit.ch) for helping me with the css on this website!! 💛💛💛 & thank you so much to viewers like you